Saturday, May 4, 2013

Baby Celebration!

I recently planned a baby celebration for two of my friends. I found a lot of blog posts helpful in planning the party and coming up with ideas. I hope this post helps you come up with some fun ideas for planning a celebration or shower. They both really liked jungle animals and one of my friends has it for a theme in their babies room. I decided to do a safari theme for the party and had a lot of fun finding different ideas to make it fun.

Bought masks from Hobby Lobby for the kids that came.
There was a dessert table (the image to the left) and a dinner table (the image to the right).

I made diaper cakes for each of the ladies. I have made a diaper cake once before and found I did a much better job this time around. I wish I had done it step by step to show how to make one...since I couldn't seem to find a website with a step by step guide on how to make one. But each of the diapers gets wrapped in a cylinder shape and held together with a rubber band. Then I used a bottle as the core and used a bigger rubber band to hold all the diapers around the bottle. I used some streamers I got at the dollar tree and wrapped it around the layers so you can not see the rubber bands. For the top layer I used a small container of baby powder as the base.

I made labels for each food with little drawings I did of animals. We had chicken sliders and cheeseburger sliders. I chopped up some chicken breasts and made a yummy breading and fried them.  I made mini hamburgers and grilled them on the stove top. I used Sister Schubert Roles for the buns, which was great! I used a Pioneer Woman macaroni and cheese recipe. It was pretty good, I doubled the recipe so I probably didn't add enough spice to it and it was a little bland.

I made cake pops with my cake pop maker. It is almost like a waffle iron, but for cake pops. I found this neat idea online to put chocolate chips in the cake before you shut the iron. It turned out really well and added something extra to the cake pops.

I made homemade vanilla cupcakes. I have this great recipe I found online...most cakes from scratch are best with sour cream or some other ingredient to keep the cake from drying out. I made the icing from scratch as well and it was very good.

As a fun activity I bought white onesies, fabric paint, fabric markers and stamps and most people decorated a onesie. We then hung them from a line to dry and it made a cute decoration.

I made each one of the families a painting for their new baby boy's room.  I asked them their preferences, theme and colors of their boys room. This is what I came up with for them.

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